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Our Mission

Our team is dedicated to simplifying the process and ensuring that you get the equipment you need, when you need it. Let us help you streamline your equipment acquisition today.

Welcome to East Coast Capital Inc., your trusted partner in tailored financial solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Established in 2001, we take pride in our enduring legacy, as our team has been working together as a group for over 35 years, bringing a wealth of combined experience exceeding 100 years.

Our Strengths

Are you looking for fast and hassle-free credit approvals? Look no further! Our team can handle all the paperwork for you, ensuring a fast and simple process. Simply reach out to us via email or phone call and we'll take care of the rest.


With our service, you can get approved within 24 hours.

Preserve your bank lines

At East Coast Capital Inc. (ECC), we are committed to providing innovative financial solutions that empower businesses to thrive. We specialize in offering alternatives to traditional bank financing, ensuring that our clients can achieve their goals without compromising their financial flexibility with their primary bank.

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